The CVRT Test is a Fixed Price Vehicle Test

cvrt logoAs of October 7th 2013 the price structure for vehicle testing in Ireland is set by the RSA under the CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test) network. This was previously carried out by the VTN network. For further information on the changes involved please visit the RSA website

This is the regulating body for truck testers in Ireland and is a government controlled agency. All vehicle testers are appointed by this body and carry out the test in adherence to strict guidelines and procedures.

The cost price of the test is determined by the type of vehicle which is being tested. Additionally a new road safety levy is payable on tests. This RSL levy does not apply to re-tests.

A simple rule of thumb is that the larger the vehicle, the higher the price of the test. The logic behind this is that it takes far longer to test a larger vehicle with 4 or 5 axles than a small car derived van.

The LGV test is a fixed price and is the same regardless of vehicle type although ambulances go into a different price schedule as shown below.

The HGV test is broken down in relation to

  1. The gross vehicle weight
  2. The number of axles present on the vehicles.

As the number of axles rise , so does the cost of the test. Because the brake test is such a large and time consuming part of the test, it is logical that the test is cheaper for vehicles with fewer axles.

The price table below shows the different prices for the test, these are fixed prices and a tester is obliged to charge this exact amount, no more or less.

Please note the test prices below exclude vat

CVR / VTN / DOE Price List.


Vehicle Category

RSL Levy

Full Test


LGV ( Vans, 4x4's, Light Trucks)








Trailer and Semi’s




HGV  3,500Kg’s to 7,500 Kg’s




HGV above 7,500Kg's, 2 - axle




HGV above 7,500Kg's, 3 - axle




HGV above 7,500Kg's, 4 - axle









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