Only Dedicated OPEL Commercial Dealer

Added: 25 July 2020

WE are delighted to add the Superb Commercial range from OPEL to our existing Mitsubishi Fuso range of Canters. It enables us to provide your needs from car derived vans through mid range, large, and jumbo vans, as well as the chassis/cab Canters with bodies to bet fit your needs - Box van, curtain side, dropside, flat bed, refrigerated, tippers, and specialist equipment installations.

The OPEL Combo is available with twin passenger seats. The bulkhead can be specified with a load-through facility allowing longer lengths through to the footwell in the passenger area. Engines are available with 75PS, 100PS, and 130PS. An automatic transmission can be selected. Bluetooth allows safer phone use.

The OPEL Vivaro ranges from 2.7T to 3.1T GVW. The standard wheelbase has over 2.4m floor lenght, and for longer needs a long wheelbase is available. A bulkhead feature can allow floor extension through to the passenger area. The 1/5L engine can be supplied with 100PS or 120PS, while the 2.0L has the choice of 120PS or 150PS.

The OPEL Movano is rated at 3.5 tonnes GVW. Thihs model provides the most flexible range of bodies. Medium, long, and extended van bodies with roofs extending to H3. Front wheel drive, and rear wheel drive can be specified on both vans and chassis.cabs. Box van, curtain side, refirgerated, tipper, and drop sides form the list of the most frequently used varaitions. The Chassis/Platform unsures a low loading height - thus permitting a big volume body.

Servicing is straightforward and we have modified our workshop to better cope with the smaller vehicles. Two light vehicle lifts have just been installed to better cope with the lighter vehicles in teh OPEL range.

Contract HIre - this allows you to plan your costs to include vehicel, service, maintenance, road tax, and cvrt, Contact us to benefit from our experience in this area.