Truck Rental

We have been providing truck rental services in Dublin for over 30 years. Our offerings consist of both long and short term hire fleets.

Some of our most common short term hire trucks that can be rented from our Dublin depot are:

Light Truck: Based on either a Mitsubishi Fuso or Mercedes sprinter truck chassis the light truck offers a full 22 cubic meter load capacity. With single side door and double rear doors, it offers about twice the load capacity of a ford transit and is drivable on a car license.

Light Truck with tail lift: A marginally smaller variant of the light truck with the addition of a tail lift unit. Our tail lifts have a load capacity of 750kgs and a 1.5-meter platform. These vehicles offer exceptional fuel economy due to their lightweight bodies and use of windbreakers.

Light Tipper Truck: A rugged hire vehicle for construction and industrial applications. A standard car is license is all that is required to operate this vehicle. It comes with a 10ft electro hydraulic tipping body with removable sides and a double acting rear tail gate. Load capacity is 1 ton.

Drop side Truck: The drop side truck has a 14ft body and a load capacity of 1 ton. The sides can be removed and there is a front H frame for carrying oversized lengths.

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From our Dublin depot at the Red Cow Roundabout we supply high quality Vans and Trucks to businesses and private users alike. Hire periods from a single day to 3 years. Excellent prices, modern vehicles and great service.